Free For You: Some Colouring Fun!

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all doing okay. To keep my mind occupied, and to help you all do the same, I’ve been converting some of my drawings into pictures for you to print and colour at home. These are free for personal use. I’ll add more designs as I finish them. 

Let me know how you use them! Will you colour them brightly, or with a monochrome palette? Will you use a biro or ink pen to shade and shape the motifs with cross-hatching? Will you transfer them to fabric and stitch them? Will you use them for collage? I would love to see! 


Here's the first one:


Seedlings Colouring Sheet


Enjoy, and be well xx

My finished colouring sheet, coloured using some pencils I got for Christmas.
I've used some colouring pencils I got for Christmas. There aren't many colours, but I like them!

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