Art Dolls

I've always loved making dolls.

 Recently I took it up again to see if it would rejuvenate my creativity. It's working! I'm thoroughly enjoying making my Queen Anne style dolls, with my own twist. I use papier-mâché and paper clay instead of wood, and sometimes soft sculpture too. Then I get to make all the clothes, which is great fun. 


This is Harriet.

She is the first doll I've made in this way. She's been all over the world with me. Her clothes can be changed, and pretty soon she'll have some new ones. None of my other dolls are quite like Harriet.


I recently completed my second exhibition of art dolls and embroidery. 

It was new territory for me, both scary and exciting. I shared the exhibitions with friends, so that made it a whole lot easier to put myself out into the world. Shyness is a funny old thing!

This is 'Big Sister'.

She often has a teeny Little Sister sitting on her lap. I love her Japanese style. She is soft sculpture.


Here are Jerry and Georgia.


They are based on my memories of walking to schools with my best friend when we were little (although he didn't have green hair!) They are soft sculpture.

These girls are affectionately known as  'Little Sisters'.

Again, they're kind of based on my own sister and I. They are soft sculpture.