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I've finally made the decision to integrate my blog with my website. Whew! I don't know why it was such a big decision for me, but here we are at the shiny new blog, and everything's in one place. That MIGHT mean I will post more often... you never know :D


Latest news: this weekend just gone was the UWE Quilting & Textiles Show in Bristol. Great fun! I shared a large stand with my good friend Em Cross of emxceramics, she with her yarn bowls and sewing accoutrements and me with my embroidery kits. It's a really nice show, with a great display of quilts and a lovely friendly atmosphere. I was very happy to have a couple of people who had bought templates from me last year come back for more, telling me how much they had enjoyed embroidering my designs. With the larger stand size came a wider variety of kits, and I enjoyed coming up with new designs over the last few weeks on my 'new toy' - my sweetheart's old iPad Pro. So. Much. Fun!


This week is set aside for recovery (as a person with chronic illness I need to rest up after a concerted effort like the show), accounting (oh goody) and a bit of admin work. I aim to get my embroidery kits and templates listed on the website so that I can finally open the shop and make them available to buy outside of the craft shows. Exciting, but scary and exhausting, which is why I hadn't done it yet. Send good vibes!

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