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Extant 1860's Evening Gown Bodice Details

Hello! It's that time of year again - the Prior Attire Victorian Ball is coming up fast, and we're all sewing frantically... well, I'm not because I don't have the energy, but I will be updating last years' dress to fit with the 'new' fashions of 1850-68. The Fashion Museum Bath recently posted a beautiful pink and black dress on their social media channels, and I remembered that I had studied that dress up close on a research visit. So here are my photos of BATMC 1.09.1308 (A&B I think). She's a separate bodice and skirt dated 1860-69, made of silk in moirĂ© and velvet, plus lace trim. The sleeves are formed of an inner, fitting short sleeve and a fuller outer sleeve. The inner sleeve has a small amount of gathered tulle trim at the hem, while the outer sleeve has two layers of lace with a strip of velvet ribbon covering the raw edges where they are attached to the main fabric. The inner sleeve is lined and the hem is finished with a row of piping. T

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