English Paper Piecing Borders Blog Hop - & Clover Giveaway!

So I've taken up sewing as a hobby.

I am now addicted to folding and stitching small pieces of fabric, by hand, around even smaller pieces of paper and then sewing them together to make a greater whole.

This is the wonder of English Paper Piecing (EPP). It is simple, peaceful and meditative. It allows me to create without restraint.

I rather like it as a break away from my professional sewing :D

This week I've embarked upon a Blog Hop, where several of us get to show you our different interpretations and experiences of taking an existing item and adding an EPP border. Organised by the wonderful Diane Gilleland at Craftypod, it celebrates the release of her beautiful new book, 'All Points Patchwork'.

I was drawn to this book by the colours, the gorgeous cover design, the pictures of the backs of the patchwork pieces, and Diane's wonderful teaching ability. The instructions are so clear, and so useful regardless of what design you happen to choose now or in the future. This is not a project book, it is a skill builder and a source of inspiration. Exactly what I wanted.

Without further ado, here is my project, or 'What I did in my garden on a rare sunny English day'.

I decided to tart up a brown Regency-style apron I made for myself a while ago. It was feeling a little drab, and I had an old duvet cover, in a fake patchwork print, that would provide the most perfect colours and patterns to accent it - so I set about cutting it up and making a stack of EPP hexagons.

I thoroughly enjoy the process of sewing these hexies. It's gentle, tactile, rhythmic. And Diane's instructions pretty much ensure a perfect finish!

Playing about with the design, I was fascinated with the idea of leaving gaps; holes between the hexies where the base fabric could peek through. Hexies are a lovely shape to work with, and leave an excellent 'frame' in which to put a little embroidery. Here come the lazy daisies!

I was not without helpers in my garden sewing adventure. NotMyCat is now an EPP addict too!

The 'finished product' isn't quite finished yet, but I'm sure you get the idea and can see where it's headed. I aim to be wearing it at the Jane Austen Festival here in Bath in September.

Now, the good people at Clover have a giveaway for you in association with this blog hop! The prize is a box of their fab applique pins, ideal for use on EPP projects. just add a comment to enter. International entries are welcome.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Do check out the other makers taking part in the blog hop. It's great fun!

Until next time, xx


  1. Hello, Virginia!

    What a beautiful post! I love everything about it! The photos are great, especially the one on the grass with the hat and sunflower. Lovely touches. I am in love with your apron! What kind of fabric is that, a linen? It's looks delish! I love the way it seems to "move"

    I also think it's such a great idea to leave the gaps in the patchwork and put in some embloidery. It's just perfect for this apron! Nice, nice job!!

    p.s. That little pincushion is adorable! Did you make that? ♡

    1. Thanks Nancy! That means a lot :) I've been really trying to up my game with my photography, and this little 'shoot' incorporated things I've learnt from looking at what other people do (like Blacksburg Belle). It was so much fun! The neighbour's cat turning up was like the icing on the cake.
      The gorgeous sunflowers were a gift from a bride whose dress I altered recently, and the little cart pincushion was a gift from my Mum back in New Zealand. I think it's made of Fimo, with vintage kimono silk. The apron is a cotton linen from Fabricland. It has a very nice feel. I made a couple of these last year, one for a play and one for me. The apron design in based on one Emma Thompson wears in 'Sense and Sensibility'.
      I'm making the entire old duvet cover into hexies so that I can make a quilt for myself to curl up in. The edges will have gaps between hexies, into which I might put pieces of lace, like cobwebs. It will evolve as I go, anyway :)

      xx V

  2. so pretty! I need to get a copy of this book

    1. Thanks Ellyn! Yes, the book is a worthwhile investment. Diane's instructions are just so clear. Plus, she makes little videos that compliment what she teaches: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/204350901818887195/

      If you make anything, please share it with me! I'd love to see what you create.

      xx Virginia


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