Rebelling Against the Crocodile

My biggest marketing struggle is with myself.

I put things off, I procrastinate, I over-think things. I let the evil little bad-talker inside me undermine all the good ideas I might have and any positive things I might say about myself. I'm scared of putting myself out there in case I fail - or worse, in case I SUCCEED. Because then I would have to keep this balloon up in the air, and I'm not sure I can do that. I'm scared.

I want to prove to myself that it's okay to stretch my legs to the bottom of the bed. The crocodile won't eat me.

You see, when I was little I was afraid of the dark. I'm talking pure terror here. A CROCODILE LIVED AT THE END OF MY BED AND HE WAS GOING TO BITE MY LEGS OFF. I would get so wound up about it I would actually throw up in my sleep from all the fear, panic and anxiety. Curled up into the tightest, smallest space possible, I could not cry out. Not even to my sister in the next bed. I was paralysed with fear.

That's how I feel about promoting myself and my business; about putting myself out there.

If I do it, something bad will happen.

Or will it?

Some good things might happen instead, right?

This is where I want and need to turn that fear around. To look it straight in the face and let it know it has no power over me. I want to shrink it down until it melts away completely and replace it with knowledge, skills and enthusiasm. I want to feel empowered.

This week a new class starts on CreativeLive and it's going to have a huge impact on how the world sees me and how I see myself. It's going to teach me how to put myself out there in a positive, empowered way. It's going to help me face my fears and stretch out into the world.

And if the crocodile tries to bite my legs off, I'm going to kick it in the face.

At the Jane Austen Festival, Bath, 2015

This post is a part of the Double Your Followers blog tour to spread the word about April Bowles-Olin’s upcoming CreativeLive course. Does hearing the word ‘marketing’ make your armpits start to drip with anxiety? Are you terrified of sounding salesy or like you have the personality of a dead blowfish? If so, come join me and 2,500+ entrepreneurs who’re taking April’s latest CreativeLive course, Double Your Followers with Creative MarketingYou can RSVP and watch for FREE. Yep, free. High fives, wildflowers, wine samples. Who doesn’t love free?



  1. Wow, very well written. This is an amazing post! I'll watch out for the crocodiles! I'm participating as well:

  2. Nice to meet you Virginia! :-) I'm also on April's blog tour and I'm looking forward to her bootcamp and to getting to know more creative entrepreneurs!


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