The Unfettered Ink Blog Hop, or: How I Got Into This Crazy Thing

So now I have my own business. Again!

Yep, that's right, it's my second go on this merry-go-round and I love it.

Why? Because I can't be tied down to doing just one thing. I'm creative in all kinds of ways and it bursts out all over the place. Any time I've had a job doing one of the things I love, I've pined for doing the other things I love too. In full time conventional 'jobs' I found I just couldn't win - I had too many ideas, was too forthright, too outspoken and sometimes just too darn practical for the people I worked for. I can't stand injustice, and the conventional working world is full of it. Being my own boss is the way for me. Hopefully one day I'll be a good boss to others, too, and all along the journey I want to encourage others to follow their hearts just like I'm doing. It's trial and error, but it's my trial and error.

It has always felt natural to me to be self employed. I like the variety. Back in New Zealand I worked nights doing front-of-house in theatres, and days sewing costumes or dressmaking. That was my ideal balance. It covered the majority of my creative urges while giving me flexibility and a great social life. Here in England I'm focussing on the sewing, particularly anything historical, as there's so much opportunity to learn and grow. It's fulfilling, though I don't get out much :) Together with taking a degree in art history and languages, it keeps me pretty busy doing things I love. My horizons expand more every day.

I spend a lot of time learning about how to run a small business. Tara Gentile is my current favourite 'guru', as I definitely have hang-ups to do with earning money. I have never felt worthwhile (some of which is to do with my efforts to conform in the 'real' worlds of school and work) and part of my current challenge is to evaluate the way I see myself and my relationship to worth and money, and to re-frame these negative self-beliefs into positive, soul nurturing truths. To me, having your own business is so much more than just earning your own wage: it's a way of looking at yourself and everything around you; a huge, continual growth curve; a self-affirming, living entity.

So here I am: same business, different country. Going for it!

 (Virginia is a dressmaker, costumier and doll artist in Bath, UK. She has worked for ballet, opera, repertory, film and rental companies, and is currently undertaking commissions from the National Trust among others.)

This has been part of the Unfettered Ink Blog Hop. The participant before me was   Elizabeth Floyd, and the one after me is Nata, And the beat goes on…. The blog hop will be open to all on the 1st of August, so if you'd like to take part you can see the Details here.