Buttons, Buttons Everywhere!

 At the risk of being seen as a button geek, I thought I'd show you some of the buttons I saw at the Fashion Museum on Friday. Aren't they lovely? I was researching historical military uniforms, which was very enjoyable. But the garments I was viewing have not yet been catalogued and came with very little information, so... can anyone identify the regiments from these buttons? Or add any other useful details?

This is from a naval officer's undress uniform C. 1960.
I've queried the date, as it's so similar to  the 1850's style.
(ref. 'Wakehurst')
This one is reportedly from a Deputy Lt's uniform, c. 1850.
(ref. 'Brinton, Lee & Rilling')
The same style of button was on an 1885 tunic as well.
From a Victorian dress uniform jacket.
(ref. 'Miss K.M Knolly')
Not military, this one is on a privy councillor's coat...
... which is extremely heavy with luxurious goldwork.
(ref. 'LH Jowett')