Today's Fashion Museum Visit! Woohoo!

Today I went to the Fashion Museum here in Bath. It is a fantastic resource and I love going there to do my historical fashion research. This visit held a special bonus for me, as another researcher had requested to see C18th and C19th ladies shoes and I got to see them too! That is, as well as the stunning array of c.1830-1850 dresses that Elaine had kindly dug out of storage for me :)

I'm still learning how to do this research lark, so please bear with my sometimes fuzzy pictures and do feel free to share any tips you may have that will make my life easier and my research better!

And yes, I use a point-and-click camera... and my trusty old Ericsson K800i mobile phone. At least I don't use those one-use cameras any more, hehe!

Let's start with a gold silk satin dress with applied braid at the hem, c.1836-1840. With its A-line skirt this gown has a 1970's feel, oddly! I love the puffed sleeve, though, and the skirt hem detail. (ref. BATMC I.09.1007)

Shirring, pleating and a lovely loose chain braid highlight the hem.

See the puffed upper sleeve? So yummy in this mid-weight satin :)

This was my first encounter with a double hook back neck closure. I like it.
The very top hook is placed at right angles to the row of hooks along the CB.

Check out the teensy stitches!

Now for some gorgeous emerald green silk with black woven detail and black lace, c.1855.
(ref. BATMC I.09.1051)

This is a really stunning gown. Most of the black detail you see is
woven into the fabric, then a fine, wide black lace is applied
to the bodice panels. 

Pagoda sleeve and scalloped pinking. Joy!

Get ready! It's... A SHOE!!!!! I'm only including one in this post because I might overload you with shoe-y goodness otherwise :D

In pale blue silk with bow and embroidered detail, this one is from c.1790-1800. I can easily imagine a refined lady dancing the night away at the Assembly Rooms in these lovely pumps!
(ref. BATMC I.10.26A)

I love the little stripes on the bow!!

That's all for tonight, I'm off to bed! Hopefully the weather will be warmer tomorrow... it was snowing again today and I reckon it's a two-hot-water-bottle-and-a-hat kind of night...

(Images shown courtesy of the Fashion Museum, Bath and North East Somerset Council)