A Little Light Embroidery

It's a sunny Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK so I thought I'd share a little embroidery pattern with you. It's my own design, of course, but what colours and stitches you would like to use with it are entirely up to you! I've gone with deep reds, pale yellow, greens and a touch of silver. My stitches are stem, chain, French knots and couching. For the leaves I did big chain stitches on top of one another to raise the surface a bit. The main leaf thread is a space-dyed pale-mid green. I might do the words in a blue or a teal...

I thought I might use my one in a patchwork quilt. I'm kinda into those at the moment :)

This is where I'm up to:

And here's the link if you'd like to save the pattern to your computer: Happy Flowers 1
Please use it for 'personal use' and not for profit, though use for charity is A-okay :)




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