Prior Attire Victorian Ball

I like how this one came out looking like a Degas painting!


Last weekend I attended the Prior Attire Victorian Ball here in Bath. It was lovely! Held at the Assembly Rooms, a small but enthusiastic group of us swirled and danced the night away, stopping only to replenish our energies at the buffet. Chocolate mousse in tiny teacups! Omnomnom!

I felt very indulgent making myself a new gown, but it had to be done. I went for an 1870 style, in burgundy taffeta with burgundy and burnt orange striped trim. It was strange to wear a bustle when I'm so used to having my panniers sticking out the sides! With little time and even less budget, I used mostly stash fabrics (I know! I'm so proud of myself!) and stuck to (decent) polyester and theatrical construction methods - despite all the historical research I had done in the weeks prior...  I'm considering doing a comparison project, where I make another similar outfit in an historically accurate manner and see how fabrics and methods affect garment fit and function.

The making of my 1870' dress. So. Much. Pleating!
The finished article. And by finished I mean two hours before the ball :D These superbly elegant pics were taken in the bowels of the Assembly Rooms, where they keep the gorgeous big framed mirror. I am, as ever, accompanied by my trusty penguin side-kick, Fritz.
 Posing on the Circus with Mel and Alyson before the ball. We each made our own dresses. 
I'm really glad I chose to make the bodice buttons in orange. It made for a nice contrast.

Playing about with my photos in Picmonkey is way too much fun :D

The dancing was lovely; mostly formal and called by the amazing Stuart, though the musicians kept playing during the short breaks, so  there was some less formal dancing too. Design styles were diverse and totally beautiful. The company was wonderful.

All in all, it was a fun event and I hope Prior Attire host another one :)


  1. Lovely dress, looks like you had lots of fun!


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