Fans! Fans! Fans!

Hi all!

My friend Megan came to visit me in Bath this week, so we went to the Fashion Museum for a study day. It was awesome. There was so much squealing when the boxes were opened! So much delight. We saw two men's late C18th embroidered waistcoats, several dresses, pelisses and ladies cloaks from the early C19th, and these fans...

BATMC VI.06.425
1780's; painted; made with bone and paper.

BATMC VI.06.170
1894; made of bone and silk.

BATMC VI.06.427
1750-1775; carved, painted, pierced; made of ivory and paper. Chinese.

BATMC VI.06.429
1775-1799; inlaid and painted; made of ivory, metal and possibly paper.

This one is my favourite. There's not much information about it, but it was made around 1815-1820. All you see on the other side of the fan is the sticks stuck to the paper.

As ever, if you share these pictures please include a reference to the Fashion Museum, Bath, and the BATMC number of the item. Thanks!

The Fashion Museum is a wonderful lace to visit, for the exhibitions or for research. Email them to book a study session. They're very nice.

And stop by at Bea's Vintage Tea Rooms for lunch or tea and cake. We did both... the food is amazingly good there. It's right next door to the museum/Assembly Rooms, but on the opposite side of the building to the main entrance. I suppose you could say it's behind the museum! I just don't think of it that way :D

See you soon!


  1. Love this!! I collect fans. Nothing fancy, mostly from Chinatown ;)


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